“Each child has the right to self-actualise and grow in an environment which supports self-esteem, accepts difference and encourages responsibility”

The Best time to start a child’s education is during the early years …..when most of the child’s intelligence and social characteristics are being formed. At this time, the child’s mind is  extremely absorbent and his curiosity is at a peak. When properly nourished and stimulated, the child develops habits and skills that will serve him well for lifelong learning.

Ichiban NurtureLand Kindergarten aims to provide a creative curriculum in a conducive environment that will help young children develop a love for learning and to achieve their full  potential.

In our endeavor to provide quality care and education, we believe that it is essential that  parents and staff work closely together as we have common goal to help children grow and learn.

The sharing of information and resources will help develop an integrated approach towards holistic learning and a happy and productive home life.

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